to your "cause doctor" Dr. Adrian Stoenescu
The "Dr. Stoenescu Method"= analyze first, then act!

Recurring infectious diseases, chronic pain disorders and psycho-vegetative exhaustion syndromes (burnout syndrome) are among the most common diseases today. Especially in this area of chronic diseases, there are only a few therapeutic options in modern medicine. If only the symptoms and not their causes are treated in these diseases then, for example, pain always returns.

The ultimate goal of my diagnosis and therapy is to find out the cause of your illness. As a "causative medicine" I look at you from a holistic perspective. Body, mind and soul together form a close-knit whole. If only a part of this structure is "ill", we have the feeling of being unwell or ill. Only if all areas are adequately considered in the search for the cause(s) of your complaints is there a chance of finding a sustainable cure.

Dr. Adrian Stoenescu: Lyme Disease Lyme borreliosis Doctor

The symptoms themselves are, therefore, never the sole cause of complaints.

Imagine a tree.
It has many branches and leaves but only a few roots.
The roots control everything and determine whether the tree is healthy or sick or will become sick. Thus, there are always several roots
(= causes) for a disease.


Lyme Disease Lyme borreliosis

What is the “Dr. Stoenescu Method”?

Dr. Adrian Stoenescu: Lyme Disease Lyme borreliosis

Various serious illnesses within my family, as well as years of research and experience, have shown me that each person, due to his or her individuality, needs a combination of diagnostic and therapeutic methods tailored to his / her needs. This means no "off the shelf" treatment scheme.

The basis of my "Dr. Stoenescu Method" is from conventional medical procedures in which I integrate procedures of holistic medicine such as natural remedies, environmental medicine, psychosomatic medicine and chiropractics. The condition of your cells, your "nerves", your intestines, environmental influences on your body, your muscles, bones and joints as well as targeted prevention play an important role. With careful individual prevention, your health can be systematically nurtured and maintained into old age.

The "Dr. Stoenescu Method" does not replace conventional medical procedures and does not see itself as their competitor.

Questionnaires (Parasitosis, Co-infections, Lyme Disease, Environmental Medicine)

Careful study of your medical history forms the basis of my diagnostics. In addition to all existing results from doctors and therapists as well as hospital discharge reports, laboratory, CT / MRI X-ray results, this includes your self-reported medical report - even before I get to know you personally.

Depending on the illness and symptoms, we will send you specific questionnaires by e-mail in advance. Please be sure to complete them carefully and return them, filled out, before the deadline so I can get a comprehensive picture of your complaints before your first practice visit. I allow a lot of time for our personal conversation in the practice.

Umweltmedizinischer Fragebogen Frau

Umweltfragebogen Frau
(only available in german)

Umweltmedizinischer Fragebogen Männer

Umweltfragebogen Mann
(only available in german)

Important practical information:

The fees for our services for self-payers and private patients are in accordance with the fee schedule for doctors (GOÄ) in its currently valid version.

The fees for medical services are covered by the private insurance and assistance agencies.

If you come to us as a self-payer, we will be happy to prepare a personal fee proposal in advance.

No advice by phone, fax or e-mail for patients
who have not yet visited the practice!

After studying your patient file before your appointment, I get to know you personally in my practice. The detailed discussion, the physical examination and targeted diagnostic measures help me to find the cause of your problem. This is not possible by email or by phone.

I work according to the "Dr. Stoenescu Method", which includes successful diagnostics and therapies from natural medicine and complementary medicine, environmental medicine, chiropractics and psychosomatics and which I have acquired through years of experience, congress visits and internships. Other doctors and therapists prefer different approaches. Please, therefore, understand that I will not give you colleague referrals.

We look forward to seeing you in our practice for "cause medicine".

You are the main focus of my team and me at all times. I attach great importance to detailed and competent advice in a relaxed atmosphere.
So, you know exactly what to expect.
It is particularly important to us to allay you fears or to reduce existing fears
concerning your treatment.

Private practice for “Etiological Medicine” Dr. med. Adrian Stoenescu